Photo by Quetzal Mauci

Photo by Quetzal Mauci

You can hear the gathering storm clouds...swell and darken behind Biespiel’s powerful voice.
— Stephenie Rose, Rose Rundown

Soulful, passionate, and sincere are the words used most frequently when describing Portland raised singer, songwriter, and violinist, Lucas Biespiel. Wis his bluesy vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and wild fiddle playing, Biespiel has made a name for himself as a versatile musical force in the Rose City’s thriving roots scene. Whether it be as a folk and blues singer-songwriter, in front of his high energy, roots driven backing band the “Dangerous Gentlemen”, or alongside one of many country and folk bands around the Northwest, one can be sure that emotions will run high any show Lucas has a hand in.

Trained classically on the violin at a young age, Biespiel played his first show at the legendary Portland dive “the Satyricon” when he was just 14 years old. He fronted a blues band through the rest of his adolescence, performing several times at Portland’s Waterfront Blues Festival alongside the Backyard Blues Boys. He then spent several years attending Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, studying jazz, and becoming acquainted with the modern musical world.

Upon returning from Boston, Biespiel has maintained a busy gigging schedule fiddling with a multitude of local and regional acts, while continuing to play regularly as a solo act. Lucas is also a part of local folk powerhouse King Columbia, which released it’s debut album, “Bad Water” in 2016. His most recent release is the, “Tired of Singing Love Songs” EP, the first act in a double EP planned for release in February 2017. Biespiel will be touring in support of the album beginning in March.

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